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 You are busy. The last thing you want to do when you get home from work or put the kids to bed is to spend hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove. BUT you do want to eat good healthy food…you just wish it could be easier and quicker and you didn’t have to think about it all the time.

Yup, me too! In fact it was often the thinking bit that I used to find the most tiring. My ex would (occasionally!) offer to do the food shopping BUT I still had to think what we were going to eat and I longed for a magic wand so that it would all be magically done…

Most processed food and take-out food is far from healthy and the pounds can start to creep on, or at least not come off. And most fast recipes seem to be based on high carb (fattening) foods like pasta, pizza, bread & potatoes. But what to cook, day after day??? There is a solution, the Joyful Eating Club.

About 9 years ago I started eating a moderate-carb diet. Not zero carbs, that’s really unhealthy long term and you could end up looking like a string bean, but delicious real food – healthy moderate-carb food. And guess what? – those stubborn pounds came off! Easily!!!

Now I maintain my weight from 9 years ago and still really LOVE food. People will be amazed how much you eat once you start your NEW healthy eating for busy women plan.

Every night during the week, unless we are entertaining, we eat a delicious healthy moderate-carb meal that is ON THE TABLE WITHIN 30 MINUTES

Now I’m sharing my SECRETS and making it ULTRA EASY for you as a busy woman to have healthy delicious meals on the table every day of the week.


  • You Don’t Have To Think What To Eat Every Day
  • You Can Have A Delicious Healthy Meal Fast – Within 30 Minutes Every Day
  • You Can Impress Your Loved Ones, Friends & Colleagues With Your Cooking
  • You Can Enjoy The Rest Of Your Evening Because You Aren’t Stressed Out By Thinking & Cooking
  • You Can Build Confidence In Your Own Ability To Cook (We Can ALL Cook, I Promise!) By Finding Which Dishes You Enjoy Preparing

Sounds great doesn’t it!

Honestly, the Joyful Eating Club can transform your life. Our clear straightforward, illustrated, weekly plans give you suggestions for everything you eat – from waking to sleeping, we also provide the shopping list for the whole week, all the recipes in a nice simple format AND a video showing you step by step how to make one of the key dishes – so you can even watch and follow along as you cook! Click here to instantly become a member of the Joyful Eating Club.

Don’t just take my word for it; here are some recent testimonials after seeing one of the videos for the first time:

  • “Perfection Karen! Engaging video with easy to follow recipes” MRL
  • “Just watched it and can’t wait to make the first dish now – looks delicious!” MB
  • “Your dish….super easy…to follow along and prepare” NS
  • “You even made me, a non-cook, want to try it” AT
  • “Very calming and confident” SM
  • “Loved it!” MP

 “My personal guarantee to you. We want you to be 100% delighted and we know that membership of the Joyful Eating Club can remove the stress of midweek eating once and for all. If for any reason, you don’t receive all the help you need to start cooking delicious, healthy, meals within 30 minutes each day then we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked”. Karen Kennaby


There is nothing like the Joyful Eating Club available on the market, certainly not at an affordable price. The combination of eating plans, tutorials, detailed recipes, videos, audios, interviews and LIVE Q & A/Coaching Calls provides a deliciously simple solution for busy women around the globe who want to eat healthier – who want to look and feel great. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly healthy eating plan, daily suggestions for healthy eating from waking to bedtime
  • Innovative, delicious, healthy, simple dishes
  • The plan is clear, informative and illustrated. It offers an interesting selection of dishes – all dinners can be ready in 30 minutes or less using fresh, non-processed, ingredients
  • Complete shopping list with all the ingredients entered for lunch & dinner – ready to pick up and go…
  • Simple, easy to follow, recipes for all the dinners
  • Dedicated members site with tutorials, videos, tips & techniques, forum and more!
  • VIDEOS showing step by step how to make some of the dishes, with chef’s tips thrown in too!
  • Recommendations for what to keep in your cupboard/pantry, in your fridge/refrigerator and what it is worth keeping in the freezer to make your life easier as a busy woman
  • Access to updates on the Members Only Site
  • LIVE Q & A/Coaching Calls once a month to answer any questions or queries. This alone is worth more than the cost of the membership.

So, click here to join now! You’ll get instant access to this week’s Membership Plan – the day by day healthy eating plan, the shopping lists, the recipes and…the video. Plus the link to the members only site. AND those all important LIVE calls with Karen every single month.

As a busy woman, remember it doesn’t have to be a choice between fast or healthy, between easy or complicated, no you can have fast, healthy, easy to prepare food on YOUR table every night – I’ll show you how, and how easy it can be with the thinking taken out of the equation.

You’ll be so frustrated if 6 months down the line you are still agonising at the end of the day – every day – what to eat, how to eat healthier, whether to have another take-out and then feel guilty…watching the pounds creeping on…change the cycle now – join the Joyful Eating Club and start enjoying your midweek meals!

To Join and Receive Your Weekly Recipe Plans Instantly Choose The Plan That Best Meets Your Needs And Let’s Get Cooking!

“I look forward to connecting with you on our LIVE calls, Karen”

Just $97 per month


Or go for Annual Membership which gives you 12 months for the price of 10!

PLUS you get a free 30 minute personal consultation with Karen Kennaby