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Food Is Energy, Do You Know What That Means to YOU Personally?

Food is Energy – Think Clean Thoughts…your life will improve as a result.

Food is energy. Did you know that? You are probably thinking well yeah of course food is energy but do you really understand what that means?

This is where eating the right foods really comes into its own. Have you got boundless energy to do what you want? Can you think clearly and make decisions easily? Can you tap into your intuition for deeper answers? If you answered “no” to any of these then you might want to look at what you are eating.

Processed foods, foods with un-natural ingredients & additives, foods with high sugar content, foods that are “heavy” simple carbs eg white rice & pasta – all these clog your system and the results show in the quality of your life. Think of the word clean. Clean is what you want your body, mind and spirit to be (oh behave…I’m not talking clean thoughts vs dirty thoughts here!)

In order to keep your energy flowing smoothly through your body you need to be eating foods that are clean – that don’t slow down the flow and make you sluggish.

So what are clean foods? They are the natural foods we were created to eat for example meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit…but you need to make sure they are grown wild or farmed ethically and preferably organic. There is no point thinking you are eating clean food only to be consuming food that has been treated with unhealthy chemicals or bred in inhumane or unhygienic conditions.

To get a good variety of food into your diet consider Meatfree Mondays and/or fish on Fridays. Variety is always key – variety of foods and colours will almost certainly = variety of nutrition, and that’s good!

It is now easier than ever to buy clean food – farmers markets, organic food stores and even the big stores sell “premium” brands that are organic and/or farmed better…eg grass fed beef. And it doesn’t need to be expensive…buy when food is reduced – all stores have food close to “use by” date reduced so if you can use it quickly that is perfect, at the end of a market vendors don’t want to take a lot home so they’ll reduce price…ask if they aren’t shown. And when food is full flavoured, and nutrient packed, the reality is that you don’t need to eat as much

So if you want your energy to flow freely and to shine through your day then you need to start thinking clean thoughts!

with love and joy in your eating!


Karen Kennaby

Founder & CEO Around the Table with Karen & Joyful Eating Club

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