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What To Eat

What to Eat- a dilema every cook in the household has regularly…this will make it so much easier to make sound choices.

“What to Eat” is the title of a brilliant new book by Joanna Blythman, “Food that’s good for your health, pocket and plate”

There is so much media “noise” about which foods are good or bad for us, which choices are just fads, whether this diet or that diet are healthy, whether organic food is just an unaffordable luxury for most people, whether its safe to eat fish, or eggs, or …etc!

This book cuts straight to the key issues. It goes through the main food groups – vegetables, meat, dairy, fish, fruit, larder – picking out key ingredients and then analysing them using the same “investigation” for each ingredient:

  • things to do with x
  • is x good for me?
  • how is x grown/farmed/produced?
  • is x a green choice?
  • where and when should I buy x?
  • will x break the bank?

All the analyses are non-judgmental which is refreshing and makes it such an invaluable guide. You can focus on a particular food, or on what issues are most important for you. In a few pages per ingredient you can really find out if, how and when you would buy this ingredient for your meals.

You can read the descriptions and make your own choices – butter or margarine? which white fish might be a good alternative to cod? where to buy chicken?

There are all sorts of useful tips – common sense tips from ripening tomatoes in a brown bag to keeping the rind of Parmesan cheese to use in soups and sauces, from roasting mutton to the spices with the highest anti-oxidant levels.

If this all sounds like a heavy and worthy isn’t! Believe me it is totally captivating, I bought it yesterday and can’t stop dipping into it. It is easy to read, sane, and essential for anyone who wants to eat well, from sound sources and without it breaking the bank.

I know I’ll be quoting What to Eat in future posts because it’s everything I believe in but with far more research and background. At the beginning are 20 principles and I just beamed as I read it because it resonates so strongly with me and my eating principles.

This book is a brilliant resource and overwhelmingly underlines the principles of eating real food…and enjoying it! Many thanks to Joanna Blythman

Please check it out, it is available online and at “all good booksellers”!

with love


ps…have you looked at joining the Joyful Eating Club yet? All these principles are in the healthy eating plans and recipes to keep you looking and feeling fit and fabulous!

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