Engagement quotes

What the future bride and groom will want to hear in your words is not originality, but heartfelt emotion and sincerity. It is important to let the happy couple know that you, their friend or relative, are rejoicing over their love together with them and to inspire them with optimism about the future. Needless to say, the tone of your words should match the situation: if you are going to congratulate your friends, something offhand and witty might be appropriate. However, it is the whole different story if the person who has just got engaged is your boss or the colleague you barely know. If this is the case, you might want to keep it rather formal and avoid messages like “prepare yourself, marriage ain’t for sissies” or “if you wanted to end your life you could have just jumped off the bridge”.
Certainly, we do realize that finding right wedding quotes is a pretty hard job. Below you will find a few suggestions on how to congratulate the would-be bride and groom. You could just copy one of them, add something to make the quote more personal or use it as a source of inspiration.
Congratulations for the future husband and wife! Today your love has reached new heights, but hopefully this is still not the highest point. May your love grow as your wedding day is getting closer!
Although you both have been wonderful separately, together you are simply amazing. Congratulations on your Engagement Day! May you stay in love until the end of your lives and beyond.
Congratulations for the sweetest pair in the world, you have no idea how happy we are for you two! You’re very lucky to have the person who completes you to be by your side, so cherish him (her) and never let your love fade away!
You have no idea how glad I was to hear that you have finally proposed and heard “yes”. I’ve always known that she (he) is a keeper! Enjoy your love and don’t argue too much while planning the wedding. Can’t wait to congratulate you both in person, so far I’m sending hugs and kisses.
Congratulations on taking this exciting step! May the bond of your relationship get stronger with each and every day.